South High School

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School Policies

The following guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities:

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times. Slippers and House Shoes MAY NOT be worn to school.
  2. Slogans, Illustrations: clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc.) shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive, which bear tobacco, alcohol or drug company advertising, promotions and likenesses, or which advocate racial, sexual, ethnic or religious prejudice. 
  3. Hats/Beanies ARE NOT ALLOWED ON CAMPUS…NO EXCEPTIONS! GENTLEMEN, tank tops are not to be worn to school.  Baggy or oversized pants (only (2) sizes larger than waist size) MUST be worn with a belt.  No belt buckles with initials are allowed at school.  Pants may not be stapled to shoes.
  4. LADIES, Revealing Apparel:  Clothes shall be sufficient to CONCEAL UNDERGARMENTS AT ALL TIMES!  Sheer and Fishnet fabrics, halter tops, Spaghetti Straps, Tube tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops, bare midriffs, shorts skirts, pajamas are NOT ALLOWED at school.  SHORTS or “hip hugger” type pants that ride low exposing the student and/or their undergarments are inappropriate for school wear and are PROHIBITED.
  5. Dangerous Attire: Attire that may be used as a weapon may not be worn to school. Example: steel-toed boots, chains, items with spikes or studs.
  6. Gym shorts may not be worn in classes other than physical education.
  7. Hairshall be clean and neatly groomed.
  8. Colors: The presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook/backpack or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute, denotes or suggests membership in a group or gang which advocates drug use, racial or ethnic disharmony or which recommends violence or other disruptive behavior is PROHIBITED!
  9. Skateboards/Scooters/Razors: MUST BE checked in and stored at the Dean’s Office upon arrival on campus. Failure to do so will result in discipline.


Electronic Signaling Devises:  Possession or use of ANY ELECTRONIC SIGNALING DEVICE while at school or elsewhere while under the authority of the school except for health reasons when prescribed by a licensed physical is PROHIBITED!  These devises include any music devises, phones, cameras, TV and paging items.  Items will be confiscated and given back at the Dean’s prerogative to include discipline.