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Get Experience in the Medical Field with the South High Medical Club, By: Arianna Almontes (South High Junior)

The South High Medical Club held a meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 20th. Medical Club adviser, Ms. Oxley, gave a short history of the club: “We started the club four years ago because students wanted a club here at South to prepare them to work in the medical field. I was pre-med [in college] so, as a biologist, it makes me excited for students to have these opportunities.” One recent opportunity for the Medical Club members was reading student heart rates during the school wide free physicals. During the meeting, students shared what they learned from that experience and shared their excitement for the upcoming opportunity to compare the similarities between the hearts of animals and the hearts of humans. Getting hands-on experience is one of the main reasons students join the Medical Club. For example, one sophomore named Ximena Flores shared why they joined, “I joined the Medical Club because when my mom was sick and, in the hospital, I liked how all the doctors helped her and I wanted to be a part of that too. I want to be a surgeon and help other people.” Another student shared, “I joined the Medical Club because I'm looking forward to being a vet after high school. Additionally, I really like the advisers for the club, and I hope to get more experience and knowledge to help me with my future medical career.”  said Stephanie Leon (11). Spartans interested in joining the Medical Club can contact Mrs. Ramey or Ms. Oxley for more information.