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Come Get Your Ice Cream! By Isaiah Heredia (South High Senior)

With finals approaching, South High provided their seniors with a free “Senior Sundae” to celebrate their last round of winter finals. The event took place after school on December 12th, in front of the Activities Office. Alana Moland (12), commented, “It was a really cute idea for us!” Others also thought it was a good idea and a great way to reward our seniors. For example, Adan Loera-Ruiz (12) said, “I enjoyed it, and I know my fellow seniors did as well. It was a great way to just give us a treat because we are leaving soon. The timing was also great. Finals are next week, and it was something fun right before a very stressful time.” In the end, Senior Sundaes was a fun surprise for the class of 2023, and they really seemed to enjoy the cold treat despite the cold weather!