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Link Crew Hosts Hot Cocoa & Cram By Samantha Garcia (South High Senior)

Finals are right around the corner at South High. To prepare for the three days of finals, Link Crew hosted an event in the cafeteria on December 12th where freshmen were invited to come enjoy hot cocoa while they study for finals. Link Crew members are tasked with helping underclassmen transition to high school and this is one opportunity to assist the class of 2026 with their first set of high school finals. “It was very rewarding to set up this event and help the students,” said Ericka Chavez (11). This event was ideal for students who needed to ask for assistance with assignments they didn't understand or for students who needed a quiet place to focus. Overall, “Hot Cocoa & Cram” was a success and Link Crew will be back in 2023 for more events.