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Ending the Year on a Happy Note By Briana Ibarra (South High Senior)

The last happiness hangout of 2022 was hosted after school on December 15th by Mrs. Bennett (art teacher) and Mr. Pawlowski (school social worker). During the event participants painted on a canvas to explore their connection to their emotions. After the event, two students described why they attended the event and how art helps lower their stress. Fernanda Gante (12) said, “I came to the Happiness Hangout because I can be creative and it's fun to see people's true sides of creativity.” She continued on by saying that she was very proud of the piece of art that she had created, and she was excited to have a place where she can be herself. Achrista Jones (12) shared, “I like art, creativity flows through my mind a lot and helps me control my stress. I really love drawing and being able to paint with friends.” Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Pawlowski were sad that it was the last hangout of the year, but they couldn't wait for the hangouts to come next year.