A Night as a Spartan Interview and Photography by Jonathan Ramirez Santos and Adrian Pinon Gutierrez (South High Seniors)

South High School hosted their annual Back-to-School night on Tuesday, September 5th, inviting students and their families to campus to greet teachers and staff. Each student was given a copy of their schedule before the event so that during the event they could get the schedule stamped by all their teachers to be entered into a raffle for Spartan merchandise. At the beginning of the event, teachers were in their classrooms speaking to parents before heading out to the quad where each academic department had their own booth set-up in a carnival-like atmosphere. Other groups on campus also had booths set-up, such as ASB selling merchandise and the South High Athletic boosters giving families information. There were also vendors present selling tacos and aguas frescas. The parent of one senior, Kyle Perdue, shared that the 2023 Back-to-School night was “[her] favorite year because [her] son is doing really well.” In conclusion, the support, information, and fun activities available during Back-to-School night set-up South High for a wonderful 2023-2024 school year!