Varsity Softball Valley Champs Ring Ceremony by Jimena Flores Mateo (South High Junior)

South High School hosted a ring ceremony on October 9th, 2023 for the 2023 Varsity softball team who won the school’s first softball valley championship. The Softball Varsity Players and coaches were on the stage in the quad while faculty, students, and families were sitting in the crowd supporting the girls. Former South High principal, Connie Grumling was also in attendance to support the team. Coach Powell presented honorary rings to both Mrs. Grumling and current principal, Brian Mendiburu. One player, Yoselin Bringas (12), shared the emotions that she felt when the team won their valley game back in May: “I had a feeling of relief and excitement because all of our hard work had finally paid off.” On the day of the ring ceremony, the team was thrilled and filled with excitement when they received their rings and pendants. They gathered to take a team picture and to thank their amazing coaches for making the ceremony possible. Varsity coach Ralph Lopez shared his perspective on the team and their win: “Considering it was our first Valley Championship it means everything because we're a part of history now and whenever we look back, we're always going to be the first. There were a lot of emotions because where we come from, everybody looked at us as if our girls can’t play. To go from that to winning valley, it was the icing on top to show everybody that these girls CAN play, and they can be a part of something big. To finally watch my daughter, Scarlett Lopez, pitch was special because it just wasn't our team, but it was also my daughter. Watching her do something she loves and supporting her as a coach and a parent, it was very emotional.” The crowd gathered around the team, congratulating them as well and taking pictures to memorialize the moment. As South High’s first Valley Champs, the girls were proud to be a part of history.