A Day in Art Club By Jackie Gutierrez (South High Junior)

The South High Art Club hosted a meeting on November 28th in Dr. Bennett’s classroom, E45. Art Club is a place for students to come and express themselves through a variety of artistic methods. One student shared why they joined the club: “What motivated me to join art club was the opportunity to be creative” said Perla Medina (10). During the meeting on the 28th, students painted the letter “S” representing South High while being creative with their color choices. “What I like the most is I get to see friends and express myself” shared April Nogueron (10). The environment was perfect to inspire the students as they were listening to peaceful music while they painted. After a day with Art Club, it is apparent that South High is full of creative students! Any student interested in joining Art Club can reach out to Dr. Bennett in E45.