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Distance Learning Resources (for COVID19 shutdown)

Educational and FUN RESOURCES for teachers, parents, and students to keep your brains working during this shutdown (something for all ages)

NEW!!! Online Tutoring with a live tutor for KHSD students only!
(must be logged into your KSHD account to open it)
Click on the blue Subject in the pdf to open the for the tutoring session with a CSUB student (website or app)
(see "tools" below to see, if auditory learning isn't your strength)
Keep reading!!! FREE eBooks and Audiobooks:
FREE resources on the internet:
Other lists with very little overlap (they are also GREAT lists!!)
Fun for all ages:
General Educational Sites:
  • Kahn Academy daily learning schedules PreK-12 (Amazing!! I chose to explore AP Chemistry. It's fab and even has AP test practice questions/videos)
  • TedEd: 9-12 Click on Subject to narrow the videos to what you want. It's fabulous!
  • Scholastic K-8 (heard moms raving about it)
  • ABC Mouse Use Code SCHOOL2568
  • Starfall PreK-3 (Limited free content)
  • PBS Kids Activities, videos, games (sign up the free newsletter for events and info)
  • Printable Packets Math and English  K-8 (I opened the 5th grade math packet. Thumbs up!)
  • IXL K-12 Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Spanish, Science (If you click on "Learning", you can see everything available. It will limit your use.)
  • Listenwise - Listen to lessons, then answer questions. Great way to practice listening and speaking skills! I listened to the Bats and Coronavirus one. 
Language Arts:
  • Hour of Code K-12 The activity page is the best, IMO, but you can explore other parts. For some links, just use the option to not save to do it for free.
  • Coding for Kids K-12 Don't get caught in the for-pay things. Just use the list of coding apps and websites that are free
  • 5 Minute Speech Therapy Activities Fun things to do with your little one to help him/her not get frustrated while practicing speech therapy assignments
  • Typing Club to improve typing skills
  • Voice Meeting Notes (If you're like me and need captions to understand everything in shows and movies, this will be a life saver when you do things like join a tutoring session! It will have a window beside the session that transcribes the meeting pretty well. I won't watch another webinar without it!)
  • Smore (newsletter template)