Spartans, Assemble! By Arkili Gray (South High Senior)

On Thursday, August 24th 2023, South High School hosted class assemblies for each grade throughout the day. Each assembly contained information on what each grade could expect from the school year. “It was very educational.” said Alexandra Gonzalez Hernandez (12), she continued, “For us seniors, they informed us about college night which I'm very excited to attend.” Another student, Vern Varian (12) said, “It was informative and interesting. They gave us the information on where we could find the senior priority information.” The senior assembly was heavily focused on the post-graduation information such as college, trade school, and military among many other things. During the underclassmen assemblies, there were reminders given to students on how they could stay on track to graduate, updates from the dean’s office and the introduction of the new school-wide Spartan Blue vs. Gray team challenge, amongst other things. Overall, the assemblies were a huge source of information to make sure students are informed and educated on topics that are crucial to their success at South High. The efforts that were put into the assemblies by the SHS Administration and Counseling Department allowed for them to run smoothly and were much appreciated by students!