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Justice Academy

South High Justice Academy
Preparing Students for College and Careers in Public Service

Mission Statement:

The Justice Academy will introduce students to the American legal system, ensure academic achievement, and instill social and moral accountability.



Academy Goals: 

Students will be prepared for career pathways and college majors in:

- Law
- Fire Technology
- Law Enforcement
- Public service
- Public Health



Student Contract:

Justice Academy students will:


- Prepare for college or a public service career.
- Report to class on time and prepared.
- Allow instruction & learning to take place.
- Maintain a 2.5 GPA, & a 90% record of attendance.
- Adhere to academic honesty.
- Attend tutoring sessions when prescribed.
- Comply with the uniform policy & attend required field trips & activities.
- Pass every technical course.
- Interact with colleagues and peers with courtesy and respect.
- Abide by all South High rules.

Course Outline Includes:


Freshmen Year: Contemporary Issues

Students will be guided through the exploration of social issues and will utilize class discussion, collaborative work, restorative questioning techniques, and social advocacy. Students emerge from this course able to critically examine social justice issues relevant to their lives and recognize themselves as potential agents for positive change in their community. 

Sophomore Year: Justice Academy 1

This course focuses on childhood development, psychology, criminal profiling, and current issues in local and national news.

Junior Year: Justice Academy 2

This course teaches students about Constitutional Law and how it relates to current issues. Students will take a very broad look at the history of US law, legal reform, Constitutional amendments, and social justice. Students will learn persuasive and argumentative speaking techniques.

Senior Year:

Students have several choices as their capstone course in the Justice Academy.

Government: We the People - students will prepare to debate Constitutional Law in a district wide completion. Senior Justice Academy students are encouraged and expected to participate. 

Mock Trial - Students participate in rehearsed trials to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner.

ROC/CTEC: Law Enforcement Training and Fire Technology

Contact Us for More Information
South High School: 831-3680
Lisa Schimnowski, Co-Coordinator and Counselor, Ext. 77195
Albert Kumpel, Co-Coordinator and History Teacher, Ext. 77017