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South High Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the Online South High Hall of Fame.
This hall of fame is dedicated to all who have graced the halls, classrooms and sports fields of this school for the last sixty years!
The Hall of Fame was started in 2014 with the induction of its first class.  South High is proud of its outstanding list of past and present students and staff and is dedicated to honoring their legacies.  
Induction into the hall of fame can occur for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons include long time outstanding faculty, post graduation service to the school or community, outstanding military service, outstanding Athlete while in school or post graduation, outstanding sports team, and outstanding career post graduation.  
Nominations are accepted throughout the year and compiled.  Anyone can submit a nomination for consideration.  Once nominations are closed for the next class, a final list is submitted to a voting committee made up of past and current staff and graduates. (staff voters are also South High graduates)  From the ballot 5-10 inductees are chosen depending on voting scores.
As you can see from the past classes, this process has resulted in some outstanding hall of fame classes.
To nominate an individual or team click on the link and submit your form.  E-mail is required.  Remember the stronger you present your nomination means the greater chance of election.
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