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Message from the Principal

Spartan Students,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to South High School - HOME OF THE SPARTANS for this coming school year.  South was established in 1957 and you are now attending one of the greatest high schools in California and will forever be a Spartan. 


Being alumni here at South means that you are now a part of a legacy that is enriched in pride, excellence, and integrity. You will have access to some of the greatest teachers, coaches, club advisors, counselors, support staff members, and opportunities that any school can offer to help you fulfill your goals. With all of the uncertainty we have faced as a society because of COVID-19, we have an increased amount of support and services for all of our students, and you will notice that at South High. If you should need any assistance or support in any way and for any reason, please reach out to your school counselor and he/she can involve all of the appropriate personnel. We are all here to support you!


Along with great teachers and staff, South High has a plethora of opportunities for its students. Whether you are interested in academic programs, athletics, visual and performing arts, or clubs and activities, there is something for every student! 


During your time at South High School, you will have the opportunity to participate in an array of electives, athletic teams, clubs, music/band, and  take courses that are in Academies (Criminal Justice, Virtual Enterprises, MS3 Engineering/Industrial) and courses that are dual enrolled with Bakersfield College (BC) and California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB). This means you will get high school and college credit simultaneously, as well as enrolling in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes to gain career experience and earn various industry-recognized certifications. 


Whatever opportunities you choose to take part in while being a student, South High is committed in helping you shape your future. Starting a new school year is the perfect time to get involved. With the many opportunities that are available to all students, it is critical that you take advantage of them. Get involved! This involvement with the school will add to your experience as a high school student. 


I encourage you to seek out ways to be involved as a Spartan here at South; you will be glad that you did.  Again, welcome to South High School, and I am excited for what the future holds!  


Remember, Spartans always do things R.I.G.H.T!




Mr. Brian J. Mendiburu