Rackets Up with JV Tennis by Andrea Cardenas (South High Senior)

It was September 14th, 2023 when the JV girls tennis team faced off against the West JV girls tennis team to see who was going to win the match. One member of the team, Estrella Villegas (10) shared “I like playing tennis because it’s one of the hardest sports someone can play and ever since I started playing it has become my favorite sport because it’s fun and my teammates are really cool”. Julisa Viveros (10) and her partner, swung away with their racquets, finishing up their double player match. The two Spartan ladies did very well but unfortunately came up short of a win, but they didn’t seem upset as they played well and played like a team by backing each other up every time. Julisa shared, “It was my first-time playing doubles, and I was a little nervous but now that it is over I hope I do better next time!” All the girls did amazing at their matches, everyone was proud of themselves for doing their best, and the West JV girls were a good challenge for our South High JV girls tennis team.