Spartan JV Football takes their First Win! by Daniele Jewell (South High Senior)

The Spartan JV football team had a football game on October 13th, 2023 at East Bakersfield High School for East’s homecoming game. After the game, Spartan JV cheerleader, Cassandra Gonzalez Velazquez (10) said “It feels incredible to support the team!” when the football team won their first game of the season. During the game, the Spartans were the only team to score during the first half. The Spartan JV football team won 12 to 7. JV football player, Alexander Portillo (number 1, grade 9) reflected on the game after it was over: “I come out here and focus on the game because most of the time it’s in a players mind what happens if you mess up” and he shared that the team was excited to take on their next opponents.