Spartans Attack: Volleyball Takes on the Season by Brian Castro (South High Junior)

The special thing about the South High Varsity volleyball team is their dedication. They don't yell at each other when they make mistakes and throughout the season, they have done their best to learn from each other. Shamara Ramsey (11) shared that she joined the team because her teammates are also her friends and that makes their team stronger. The team took on many opponents throughout the season, including East High on October 11th in South High's big gym. The Spartan team excelled especially in their defense during the game with many close calls. South High also outperformed East at serving. As the game came to an end South High thanked East for a good match. Luna Gomez (11) shared what helps her overcome obstacles, such as tough losses, on the court: “My coaches always help me with mental or physical challenges on the court.”

On October 9th, 2023 our Spartan JV volleyball girls played against West High School. It was a tough game for the girls, but they are always looking to improve. Here is how one of the players described her thoughts after the game: "It was a very challenging game for us, but I feel like we can communicate more as a team in the future. Overall, we had fun, and that's the only thing that matters” said Esmeralda Aldana (10). A second member of the team, Maribel Elias (10), shared how the volleyball team has impacted their life: "The team has impacted my life by helping me grow as a social person, helping me learn to work with my team and being able to interact with other schools." Overall, the season had a big impact on the players, they enjoyed every second of the time they played on the court.