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Alumni Staff Return To Give back

South High has had thousands of students pass through it's halls and walk the graduation stage.  For some, the time spent here simply wasn't enough.  Over the years many have returned to not only walk the halls again but to work with the students and community they grew up in.
Twenty years ago when I began my teaching career there were already many alumni working at South. I graduated from South in 1986.  Several of the staff had graduated in the mid eighties and we all knew each other pretty well.  I felt right at home immediately. Over the years many have moved on to other positions around the district, retired, or unfortunately, passed on.  However, as people have left one thing has continued to happen, more have come back to take their place.
This years staff features twenty-six Rebel Alumni with a combination of diverse backgrounds and experience.
As pictured Bottom left: Shannon Lasater, Leanne Castro, Irene Nguyen, Kathy Redmond, Cecilia Borden, Susan Holloway, Janell Burton, Cecilia Pulido, Jeanne Johnson Hurry, Staci Wright: Second Row Left: Joe Gonzales, Eddie Votaw, Kenyatta Williams, Bryan Bowens, Nick Courtright, Mike Borden, Connie Grumling, Antonio Garcia, Cary Mills, Brent Giese, Joe Neilson, Brian Henderson, Bobby Rocha.  Not Pictured: Manuel Vasquez, Rhea Lyons, and Mirka Lopez.
Alumni Staff